Off, into the empty sky.

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I’m back at this old, way to familiar, buss stop in the middle of nowhere. The darkness eats me up. The rain soaks through me. The cold digs its dead teeth into my bones. My soul shivers as my heart skips a beat and my lounges becomes lame. I fight with what little will there is to regain the function of breathing. Sitting here on a cold metal bench, the same place as before I realize something. The journey I’ve been on the last years had a shortcut back to this place, just a little thought and a looky looky over my shoulder, voila, I’m back. Almost everything is the same, just as I hated it.

Warm busses drive past the buss stop all the time. Filled with smiling and laughing people. The busses never stop, and its my fault. I stopped signaling them, I’m to busy being alone and sad. I’ve tried to board the buss countless times, but before long I leave the buss with my face lowered in shame over the defeat and in front of my I cary my heart in my open palms. Each time I watch it beat as if ready to quit, each new beat surprise me, each time I’m sure it will never manage something like this again. But for some reason, it keeps on beating, keeps on, hurting. Now I find it easier to pretend the laughter from the busses is about me, the failure in the dark. It saves me a lot of time, because in the end usually its me they’re laughing at anyway.

I’m almost convinced that the world is going belly-up soon. I fight with a constant urge to tell people how much it hurts, to spill some of the painful blood on their hands. Just to no longer be alone. I was raised never knowing how to love myself, I’ve grown to understand that blaming don’t work. I’m left with me to learn me, how to love, me. I can’t, can I? I have no center, not in life, not in soul, not in heart. I’m ashes in the wind. Shattered, rock.

My eyes are resting on my lap, the buss stop is all that is. I don’t want to sit here, not even watching life go by. When will I find the strength to love something as fragile as myself? All I have is myself, all I can really trust, its just me. The more I think this thought the less motivated I get, if I had half of the amount of confidence as I have sorrow, life would be such a different place.

I must take responsibility of my feelings, I can’t wait for anyone to clean up this mess I was born into. I know I’m the only one that can change this. I know I cant keep on spilling my blood on other peoples hands. But I know not how to find the strength, I tell myself “Get yourself together.” and what happens is suddenly getting the feeling that my throat starting to swell up and my body turning into a little frightened child. I’m done with this constant failure. When will I ever win, be truly happy, when will I love myself, just a little bit?


A poem from Monk Ryokan

Our life in this world – 
to what shall I compare it? 
Its like an echo 
resounding through the mountains 
and off into the empty sky.

Yo no naka wa 
nani ni tatoen 
yamabiko no 
kotauru koe no 
munashiki ga goto


The Jisei of Matsuo Basho

Tabi ni yande 
yuma wa kareno o 

“Falling sick on a journey,

my dream goes around above withered fields.”

Hereby my blog is no longer as personal as it used to, this was sort of a goodbye concerning my emotional life, while the trip, story’s I might write, funny things blablabla will at some time most likely get published here. But posts like this will most likely never come again. So, I guess goodbye, sort of-ish at least. (Imagine my voice going from emotional to cold and just informative at this point) Well reader, drop by later to take part in the planning of a trip to language school in Japan.

Im bored!

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The night was as young as his heart was old and tired. His thoughts as fresh as the smoke he was exhaling. The greyish blue smoke played in the air in front of him, as if trying to get his attention, but with no luck. His eyes was shut off, just staring, not really noticing anything. His mind was fixed on other matters, his thoughts was looking where eyes can’t, inside oneself. His life had changed a lot in just this last night. Improved or not, he didn’t really know. His life sucked, and he finally had the guts to admit it. His name was Robin, and his life was a joke, a bloody bad one.

He wasn’t living the regular life, he was living a worse life. He would gladly turn in his crappy reality with a loan in the bank, a wife, some kids, a dog and a Audi, he would’ve traded it in for the lot of it. Every thing would beat this, every thing did beat this. The closest he came to life was the late nights in front of the telly and Saturdays at the Pub playing pool. The Pub was practically the closest he came to anything. He worked at the post office, sorting mail. Yeah, imagine. You might think it would be okay, well add a bitter boss, colleges that hate your guts and think it over once more. All of this is trivial, all of this don’t change shit for either Rob or you. And me? I couldn’t care at all, its not as if its my story. Just take my word, his life was so shitty, waking up with the what’s here name from last night, having a dry mouth with the taste of ass, the sort of rash that comes with an endless itch and the <Remember me, there’s this little thing I should tell you, oh just by the way, what’s your thoughts about becoming a father?>call 6 months later would be like a bloody cruise. His life could be summed up in a these words: stripped for any kind of joy and with the feeling of constantly drowning in sand, but never getting the relief of death.


He had been going to the Pub for a year before Mickey turned up. He wasn’t really to sure about what to think about Mickey, but all the others seemed to like him. Mickey wasn’t at all as they, he wore sunglasses, a well worn red skin jacket, used colon. He was young, looked healthy (if you could look passed the fags and the pints). He was probably even half the age of some of them. All this and his extreme confidence made Robin both envious and alerted. Everyone treated him as a regular, even tho Robin never seen him there before and people seemed to confine in him. After just hearing Robins name once he started to call him Rob. Rob, he didn’t fancy that name at all, but of course he was to big of a wimp to say so. It was the fourth Saturday with Mickey there it all changed. It was 9 o’clock and Robin wanted to go home. He was depressed, as always, and wanted the comfort of his coach and his trusty telly with poor action movies staring Van Dam or Steven Seagal.

“Oi, where are you going?” Mickey shouted. When he first started to come to the Pub the rest would constantly try to keep him for longer, but after enough refuses they left it that way. Mickey on the other hand, hadn’t been around at that time.

“Home” He answered almost as a question, as if not sure he had the permission.

“What’s home?”

“What do you mean what’s home? Its where I bloody live?”

“Yeah, buts what’s waiting for you at home?”

“Eh.” He paused, finding nothing close to a good reason as of why he was heading home. And of what little reasons he had, he wasn’t saying them aloud.

“Its Saturday, I know you don’t have work tomorrow, and I don’t recon you for a church goer. No ring on your finger, no wife, and if you had a wife I’m sure you’d stay out. So kids maybe? Or a date, a lover, prostitute even? ”

“No, its just me.”

“For what then, for what are you going home?”

“No reason, I’m just tired.”

“Yeah, I know your tired, your tired of your fucking life, your tired of seeing the same fucking faces everyday. Your tired of your self Rob, your tired of your pale fucking face staring back at ya from the mirror. Its written all over you, your eyes are screaming to be put out of there misery. Do you think that going home, sitting in front of the telly will make it bloody better? Stuffing your face with chips and flushing them down with lager. Nah, it won’t change shit, and you bloody well know it.”It was a hit bellow the belt, Robin was shocked and was actually waiting for the ref to blow his whistle and show Mickey the red card. Life has no ref, no justice, and Robin knew it all to well. He exchange looks with the others, no sympathy gained.

“Well what are you suggesting?” He was a humble little kid trying to act tough.

“Take a drink, it will change your life, it’s a promise.” Mickey grinned, he knew he won. Mickey eyes reeked of mischief, luckily for both, Rob was to busy looking at his feet trying to make them move, as if they forgot he was they’re master after the little incidence.


To be continued?

Emh :)

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I’ve split the post into 3 parts. Mainly to save some of you from having to read about Aikido if there is none interest, but still make you read the other part. First is this part, which is stuff general. Then there is Aikido, followed about some funny stuff about a place in Japan called Obama. (Just to mention it I passed the grading.)


My knee haven’t really gotten any better, in some sort of way, might even say worse. I hope its soon better tho. I just hope I don’t need to take a break from Aikido. Beside this life is okay. I’m not doing fine, but neither am I doing bad, haha, which is a good thing. I’ve had these part my entire life where its as if everything is stagnant and it feels empty and strange, but luckily  feeling this way is fine now. I sort of except it. Earlier in life, feeling this way always made me sad, lost hope and what not. I can even smile now by thinking how much better this is than what it used to be like.

A bad news for me is that I looked over my budget and figured out that I’m in serious trouble concerning the Japan trip. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still going, and most likely there is not much that could change this. I already paid the plane ticket and I can’t refund it, so I’m going, and even if I could refund it I wouldn’t. Chances are I’ll have problems when it comes to where to sleep. But as long as there is not any heavy rain I can sleep outside, haha. Or I could pimp my self out getting paid in roof over my head. I’m not genuinely afraid about this, but I really see that there might be a problem. I still have to pay the rest of the language school, the JR pass and the vaccines, this I guess will be okay, but I also have to earn enough for food and hostel for ca 34 days. Any advice any one? Either to make more money, or how to sleep cheap in Japan? I considered CF (coachsurfing)



Being graded is pretty much as turning 16/18/20 you don’t always really feel any different right away. But the fact that I graded gave me permission to attend the tuesday class for 6.kyu up. This was great, I loved it. I still haven’t gotten the “relax” part in Aikido tho. The word relax in martial arts isn’t any thing as what western culture puts in the word. We mostly think being relaxed is being boneless on a coach as if close to being in a comatose. In martial arts being relaxed is so different, I can’t even closely explain what it is, since I haven’t really understood all of which it covers yet. But I guess its something close to being in a relaxed state of mind and letting your body relax in terms of letting your shoulders sink down, don’t being rigid and having a strong center (center of balance and mind) and not using unnecessary force or energy when performing any sort of movement. I picture if you would remove all the stress in someone’s mind and body at once the person would “fall” into a perfect stance with the body and center just where it should be, haha. That should be a japanese a commercial where a lot of  stressed business men suddenly ate/drank or heard the product suddenly just dropping the shoulders and just being in a perfect center, maybe doing some smiling ukemi ha.

I haven’t practiced Aikido for long, but long enough to respect and enjoy peoples different approaches. One of the shodan’s at the seminar ( Kim, the instructor of a new dojo in Haugesund) is one of the people I like being tori or uke with. As well as one of my sempais at my own dojo, Bob, he is this amazing person and such a great practitioner  I hope he sees me fit to pass some of his knowledge to, and not just limited to Aikido. There’s is just something really pure with him. And Andrea my sensei, what I absolutely enjoy is his constant flow. He makes Aikido seem so effortless and natural. Its like “what’s the difference from picking up something I dropped and throwing some one attacking me?” It’s as if everything is fluent and natural. And the fun part is, even tho your preforming the same technique with them you get some insight in different directions from all of them, even when they don’t literally say it out loud, but the body and contact says it all.


Other matters: Japanese people, you got to love them!!

Obama is now the president of the United States of America, and if you haven’t yet heard, there is a little town in Japan with the name Obama. And of course the inhabitants embraced the name sharing and made (what else) business out of it. I must say the picture on the t-shirts are close to being racist, but I guess its not meant that way at all, ha. Check out these youtube clips to see what I’m talking about.


I lost my confidence, have you seen it?

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Do you know the feeling when your leaving for something important or a long trip. When even all the time in the world is not enough to get ready. You keep thinking that you must remember to bring everything, you leave and get the feeling you forgot something. Did I lock the door? Did I turn of this and that? Did I remember to pack this and that? Your often sure you forgot something, and more times than not you didn’t, but when it happens its often not of the biggest importance. I did this today, I felt that something was missing. I left home, but it wasn’t the wallet or keys I forgot. Somehow I misplaced my confidence, and I needed it as if it was the blood in my veins. More important is that I find it tonight. Maybe I should make a poster saying “confidence didn’t show up today, I’m very concerned. If you see it please send it home.” I could put it up beside the “lost kitten” poster and just under the “stolen bike” poster in the local shop. But of course , that would just help others get a laugh (maybe I should do this some time when its not really true). I’m sure you understand from my recent post this is concerning aikido and the grading. Today we had sort of a rehearsal, it was as if I was scraping my teeth against a rock. Enough said..

My right knee is all fine now, my left.. well lets just say its not really fine yet. I hope tomorrow turns out better. My sensei found my blog, but I hope he’s to busy tonight to check it. Its good to complain online, but when the people that reads it knows you in person and is part of what your complaining about it tends to give them the wrong idea. But still I’m truly happy he reads my blog, and if he end up reading it its okay. Its not like I’m trying to be anonymous. I say what I feel and stand by it 🙂 But if he reads this after the seminar, haha, that would be better.

Well, I’m done complaining, I have to hit the sack and try getting some sleep. I could probably keep on with this trough the night telling everybody how deeply it frustrates me when fun is interrupted with requirements and levels. I could say that I love aikido, I could do it my entire life, but the whole idea of grading and such really puts me off. Well, you don’t have to be a psychiatrist to figure out I have a fear for failing stuff. ha! Take care all!

Seminar with Lucas Icasatti 3.dan

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This weekend my dojo is holding an seminar with Lucas Icasatti 3.dan from Argentina, He’s a long-time student of Yamada Sensei (8th dan) and Waite Sensei (7th dan). Icasatti is now living in Norway, running a dojo in Oslo Aikidojo Aikido Klubb.

I have been to one seminar before this and it was the weekend of my 20th birthday, it was great. Even tho I was completely new to it and I was a bit shaky. That was by  Ulli Kubetzek  5th dan Aikikai from Aikido Dojo Frankfurt, Germany. I really enjoyed Ulli and his approach. One of the practitioners he brought with him (I can’t recollect the name or grade)  was such a great person, he smiled all the time and was really helpful with beginners. Really a inspiration, truly a great person. I tried to pair up with him as often possible.

This seminar I am specially nervous about, its grading. Its my first grading in Aikido, and I don’t think the grading from Kendo helps much since I can’t really recollect any of it from my memory. I’m so shaken by this I fear I will mess up. Been reading in my Aikido books, checking youtube and just trying to remember everything I learned, but will it help? Will my nerves take control and leave me shaking in front of the rest, I fear so, and yes, I know fear don’t amount to much so I should just lose the thoughts and feelings all together. (Being nervous is one thing, that is some times “healthy” while fear is just insecurity making you freeze up.I pray it will go okay, and I’m afraid that I will be the first, even tho I don’t think being first changes much. But knowing everybody is watching me, haha, I can feel my stomach twitching just by thinking about it (so stop it!). I have a minor fear/anxiety of doing something in front of many people.

What I have to do is:

Tandoku dosa: Hidari-kamae, Migi-kamae, Mae ukemi, ushiro ukemi, shikko

 Katatedori gyakuhanmi shihonage

 Tachiwaza Katatedori aihanmi Ikkyo

Shomenuchi ikkyo and shomenuchi Iriminage in both tachiwaza and suwariwaza

and ryotedori kokyuho

I guess it will be okay, I just hope I don’t get so shaky that I mix up everything and forget what’s what. Im not really sure about shihonage (I don’t even know what sort of shihonage to do, and I’m not sure I will recollect what sort is which when sensei tells me what to preform) and I’m not really feeling secure with iriminage. And as basic as it most likely is ushiro ukemi is giving me some hard time landing properly, sometimes even the rolling part over my shoulders. I tend to mix up omote and ura and each time sensei tells us what to do and there is a word I’m not really sure about I tend to get so insecure that even tho I understood the rest I freeze. I wish I could one day have a long intense training one on one to get fully the aspect of connection and to learn not to hesitate each time I feel the connection. Or even not to hesitate the times uke don’t act as I thought, since being able to blend with what happens when it happens is a key in all of this. In the middle of the “heat” I’m capebale of mixing everything up, from suddenly having problems with Irimi, other times tenkan. At least what I feel a bit okay with is ikkyo, and thank the universe that I at least feel okay about something 🙂

Since I recently paid my trip to Japan I haven’t really been swimming in cash, and when I read how much the seminar cost would be I guess I went pale. Fearing that I had to turn it down, but luckily I manage to borrow some cash of my dad so I’ll be able to both attend the seminar and the dinner after saturdays training.

I have blueish knees after mondays practice, I tried fall a bit more like one of the sempai’s, while falling I guess I changed my mind and it resulted in hitting the mats with the knees. Its not at all bad, and its not like shocking blue, neither does it hurt anymore (except the first 20 minutes doing shikko techniques on tuesday) The reason I mention this is: For those that didn’t learn so when young, don’t change your mind to many times while falling, ha!

Different matters: I want sushi and I want it now! But life is good, I’m doing well and even tho this post was sort of negative, its not reflecting my state of mind. Im happy happy happy, and still going strong 🙂

Update about the trip.

•January 9, 2009 • 1 Comment

Hi all!

My back hurts after working 11 hours today, but even despite this I am really happy. Tuesday, Tuesday was the day, finally I bought the planeticket to Japan. Its all set. the 27.6 I head of on maybe my biggest adventure so far in life. The 4 september I head back home again. This gives me 69 (haha) days to enjoy Japan. where of the first 27 days is language School in Fukuoka, then I might take the ferry over to Busan and see South Korea for some days, but thats just a maybe. What is for sure it that when I think its time to move on from Fukuoka I will head towards Hiroshima, most likely spending a day or two in Yamaguchi. From Hiroshima (when I’ve eaten my share of okonomiyaki) I want to travel up to Matsue to at least check out the black castle, Matsue castle. Then to the castle of castle’s, Himeji castle, or the name that I really love, White Heron Castle. Heron’s are so beautiful. This meaning I have to go from Matsue to Himeji Hyogo prefecture, how I haven’t really thought about yet. Chances are that I will end up traveling to Okayama, seeing the Okayama Castle as well. Yes I do like castles! But also I will want to see the Korakuen garden and also want to eat  chirashi-zushi when there. After seeing the castle I’ll most likely head towards Kobe just relaxing a bit, eating sobameshi at least. Osaka, I don’t even feel that I need to mention it but, yes, I’ll go see the Osaka castle. That castle is such a big part of japanese history, for many it was such an obsession to control the castle, because of the belief  that to control Japan you had to control Ozakajō. Ozakajō was Japan. I would also like to eat Battera, sushi blocks. From Osaka down towards Tanabe, birth place of O’sensei, founder of Aikido. When in that part of Japan I feel its a must to go see the nature and most of all gaze upon the Nachi Falls. From here I’ll head back to Osaka, then next is Kyoto. I’m not yet really sure what to do in Kyoto, else than enjoying the fact that I’m in Japan. But what ever Kyoto treats I’m doing. From Kyoto I will start heading towards Tokyo, but most likely stopping some pace/places doing something fun, after a while in Tokyo I will start heading north 🙂


Note: To save all of you from having to read “and then finding a dojo to practice” after each of the places, I just mumbled it for my self instead of writing it, ha. Also note that I’m by no chance following this slavic, one of my biggest wishes is to be able to just do what ever I want to, not thinking, no, my plan was Osaka now, I can’t head out to “somewhere in Japan with a really cool thing”. My trip is suppose to be an adventure! Where ever I go I will see what attracts me, and I’m pretty sure there will be lots. And the castle thing, nope, I’m not normally going around visiting castles when abroad, but japanese castles are true work of art and just reminiscing  of my trip to Rome walking around with all the buildings far from the past just did something to me. It’s like you feel the presence of the past, history itself.


Goals while in Japan:

1:grow as a person

2: learn lots of japanese

3:practice aikido

4:meet lots of great people and make friends

5:to be truly happy

/6: don’t die by eating to much sushi (like serious I eat sushi till I feel it pouring out my ears, I love it /NEED IT, like yeah, I’m not even saying it, but you know what I was about to say.

/7:don’t spend all my money on samurai swords the first days, leaving me starved sleeping outside. Samurai swords are pretty !!!

/8: don’t embarrass myself practicing Aikido. I wish my self good luck with this one.

/9:don’t give up hope if things for some reason should give me a hard time down there. I’m a bit moody, so sometimes little is enough, but these sometimes are luckily not often at all 🙂


Thanks for reading, even tho I  didn’t proses it and make it fancy or put in any sort of eye candy, but I’m tired, and think of this post and many of the posts on this blog as me just taking notes. The real deal will follow!

Sushi: My first try ever! (California roll)

•January 3, 2009 • 3 Comments

This friday I decided to make sushi after saturdays work. I went to buy most of what I needed to make the california roll (I chose california roll, it looked a lot easier then the rest, and half of the reason of doing this was to figure out how to make sushi rice).
Saturday, after work I bought sugar since apparently my kitchen lacked it and sushi needed it and I bought some kombu from a healthcare shop since I wanted to try making sushi rice (sushi-meshi) with kombu, hopefully getting it the right flavor.

I am not proud (yes, I am) but I am really happy with the result. Even though it had lacks I really felt like I learned a lot. And next time I will use this knowledge and do it even better.

First of had the sushi rice washed and cleansed, then I left it in a bowl for 30 minutes or so soaking.
Even tho I read several places its often best cooking the rice yourself I used my rice cooker and added a pice of kombu.
When the rice was done I left it a little while just heating and made the rice vinegar.
(everywhere I went they where sold out for japanese rice vinegar, so I had to use apple-cider vinegar, its 5% instead of the japanese 3% and not the same taste so I watered it out by randomly adding some water.) Then I added sugar and salt, heated it until both sugar and salt was completely dissolved.

The sushi vinegar was my first fail, but not at all catastrophic, just not exactly what it should be. I made to much and used to much sugar, but it didn’t really make it taste bad, actually in its own way it was pretty good.

Then this lead to my second fail, the I manage to pour to much to fast onto the rice. This (I guess) made it too lumpish.

Then to what a sushi chief would consider fail 3 and 4 but I’m still happy about was the making of the roll.


At this point I suddenly thought, take picture’s and make a post on your blog. This explains the fact that the first parts of the cooking process is undocumented. For the filling I used avocado, cucumber and crab-sticks.


My first roll (see the picture just above) was okay, but a I think it lacked some filling, next attempt I figured I would try making them as big as my favorite sushi place does, that didn’t work to well and I must actually say the first go was the best. The second try was fine, but I failed to compress it enough so two of the pieces sort of fell apart (meaning parts of the cucumbers and avocado fell out) when I lifted them, but they tasted good, really.


Now I am stuffed, and I’m not surprised if I try this once more tomorrow. This time knowing not to use as much sugar and to compress the rolls but still fill them a bit more!

Japan trip: the plan is starting to form

•December 31, 2008 • 3 Comments

First of, my previous post was “finally: return of the blogger”, well that was 1 dec 30 days later I’m back and just have to blame it all on work, school, aliens and global-warming.

I miss aikido (no classes now while the holidays) I just want to do ukemi till my head spins!

The Japan trip:

Some time after the 26.6 most likely the 27-28 I fly to Japan, next pay I’m buying the tickets. I’m happy about the thought that after midnight I will be able to say “This year Im going to Japan.”

First I will stay in Fukuoka for one month, then I will travel to Hokkaido stopping everywhere I feel like, when I feel its time for it I will head back to Fukuoka stopping where ever I feel like. (all of this will be described more detailed in the future)

I also hope that I can get a letter of introduction from the head aikido sensei in Norway so I can attend practice the proper way in the many aikido dojo’s Im most likely to run across.

Finally: Return of the blogger

•December 1, 2008 • 3 Comments

Wow, is my world spinning or what? For the past 3 weeks I have had little or less sleep, about 1-2 hours a night (except saturday now when I somehow managed to fall asleep for the entire 8 hours usually needed)

For a while I hoped it was nerves for the upcoming exam, but the exam is over and still no sleep. Many think its really a bit strange that I remembered enough to pass the exam going on that little sleep, as a comment to that I just have to say I am used to little sleep. But yes, after 3 weeks I am starting to have some mental issues as about choosing the right words. Like when I almost asked the train personnel when the plane landed (WTF?!) But other then that I am doing more or less fine, I have had bad or worse sleep almost my entire life, so I am used to it. Often I just end up getting hyperactive and silly. Anyways, as of no more exams for the next 6 months I will get back at the blogging. In my next blog entry (some of the following days now) I will get back to the Japan trip in details, where of I am thinking about upping the time from 2 months to maybe 3 months 🙂

Else I have to say Aikido is the thing, really, its one of the greatest gifts I ever have received from the universe. Sadly enough being short on rest my mind mixes up the techniques and I end up doing everything wrong or bad!

Life is good 🙂 and remember kids, exercise or die!

For those that knows me or read my first entry, I love sushi, and for fellow sushi lovers, check this out 🙂

Komla and Snow!

•November 20, 2008 • 4 Comments


This post is mainly to try to explain what the norwegian dish komla is, but since it started to SNOW on the way to my parents to eat komla I have to mention this as well!


First of I better mention that I live by myself and have been doing so for the last 6-7 months, and sometimes I just have to go home to my parents and eat some of my moms delicious food. Today was one of these days, and when I told a friend online that I was going to eat komla she of course asked what it was, and at that point I decided that when I came home I would explain it on my blog.


First of komla!

Wikipedias description is pretty good, it depends (as wiki says) on who makes it and where in Norway its made (different styles). Different names are used as well, I use the name komla.
But mainly its potato dumpling, made of rated potatoes, salt and various kinds of flour, and is also filled with bits of salted lamb or pork, and I’m not that sure what my mom uses. We serve with sausages, melted butter, mashed or cooked rutabaga and lamb or pork. In some parts of the country they add sour cream, sugar, jam or syrup, we don’t add any of these (yuck).
We drink milk for this dish, myself regular milk, but my parents drink what’s called “kulturmelk”, and explaining that without shocking is hard. Its milk gone bad some might say, this is not completely true, but that explanation has a point. Its milk with lactic acid/milk acid added so it gets chunky and sour, sort of how yoghurt is made and it has sort of the same sour taste.
Me having 2D fun with the snow waiting for my train to come (It was 10 minutes late and I had to stand there freezing) Anyway, I made a 2D snow angel and a snowman! Yay! The bad colors are because of bad light and its taken with a mobile.